Participants Bran 2015

Bran, 12–17 July 2015
Philosophical Conversations:
Intellectual Interactions in the 17th Century

1.   Daniel Garber (Princeton University)
2.     Elena Rapetti (Catholic University Milan)  
3.     Rodolfo Garau, (MPIWG Berlin)
4.     Vasiliki Grigoropoulou (Athens)
5.     Daniel Schwartz (UC San Diego)
6.     Tzuchien Tho (University of Bucharest)
7.     Kirsten Walsh (University of Bucharest)
8.     Vlad Alexandrescu (University of Bucharest)
9.     Dana Jalobeanu (University of Bucharest)
10.  Tinca Prunea-Bretonnet (New Europe College, Bucharest)
11.  Mihnea Dobre (University of Bucharest)
12.  Oana Matei (Vasile Goldis, Arad)
13.  Doina-Cristina Rusu (University of Bucharest)
14.  Fabrizio Baldassarri (University of Bucharest)
15.  Stephen Howard (Kingston University)
16.  Rafael Krut-Landau (Princeton University)
17.  Hannah Laurens (Oxford)
18.  Anna Ortín Nadal  (Edinburgh)
19.  Domenica Romagni (Princeton)
20.  Irina Simova (Princeton)
21.  Jiemin (Tina) Wei (Princeton)
22.  Erin Islo (Princeton)
23.  Daniel Collette (University of South Florida)
24.  Ovidiu Babeş (University of Bucharest)
Free auditors:
Grigore Vida (New Europe College)
Giacomo Clemente (Catholic University Milan)
Ion-Luca Mangiulea (Paris IV Sorbonne)

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