Bucharest – Princeton Seminar 2010 – Reading Texts

Bucharest-Princeton Seminar in Early Modern Philosophy

Bran, June 30th – July 7th, 2010


1st of July

Aristotelianism and the mechanical philosophy

Convenor: Peter Anstey


Sennert, Thirteenth books on natural philosophy (selected fragments) Bk1: Ch. 1-4, 8-9, Bk 2: Ch 1-3; Bk 3: Chap: 1-2, Bk. 6 Chap. 1-2

Descartes, Principles of Philosophy, IV, 196ff

Boyle, The excellency of the mechanical hypothesis, The works of Robert Boyle, ed. Hunter and Davies (2000) vol. 8, 103-116

2nd of July

Natural philosophy, natural history and magic: sympathies in Bruno, Bacon and Della Porta

Convenors: Dana Jalobeanu, Sorana Corneanu, Koen Vermeir


Bacon, Sylva Sylvarum, Century 10

Bruno, On magic (in Bruno, On the cause, principle and unity, CUP 2004, 105-126, 137-142)

Bruno, On bonding in general (in Bruno, On the cause, principle and unity, CUP, 145-155)

Della Porta, Natural Magic, preface and bk 1, ch. 1-6 and 9.

3rd of July:

The Spirit of Nature and other active powers: More, Cudworth and Leibniz

Convenors: Dan Garber, Martine Pecherman, Koen Vermeir

More, Immortality of the Soul bk. III, ch 12-13 (pp. 193-204 in 1662). 
Cudworth, The true intellectual system, pp. 146-181
Leibniz, Specimen Dynamicum I. Latin Text | English Text

4th of July

Dutch Cartesianism

Convenors: Theo Verbeek, Vlad Alexandrescu

Lettre de Descartes à Regius de Janvier 1642. Original Text | English Translation

Descartes à Regius de

juillet 1645 et réponse de Regius à Descartes du 23 juillet 1645. Original Text | English Translation (only for the first letter)

Descartes, Notae in programma quoddam, du début jusqu\’à l\’examen de l\’article six (AT VIII 347-356). Original Text | English Translation

5th of July

Leibniz and Newton

Convenors: Sorin Costreie, Ed Slowick, Katherine Dunlop

Texts: Newton, Optics, Query 31.

Leibniz: Anti-barbaric philosophy: Latin Text | English Text.

Newton, Preface to the Principia: LatinText | English Text.

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