Bucharest Colloquium 2009

Bucharest Colloquium in Early Modern Philosophy

Beyond Kuhnian paradigms: was there a scientific revolution in 17th century, after all?

26-27 March 2009

Department of philosophy, University of Bucharest

New Europe College – Institute of Advanced Studies, Bucharest

Organised as a part of the NEC-LINK grant “Beyond Kuhnian paradigms” 2008-2009

This second edition of the Bucharest Colloquium in Early Modern Philosophy gathers in Bucharest a number of specialists and students of the “scientific revolution” of the seventeenth century. The colloquium is organised by Dana Jalobeanu, as a part of the NEC-LINK grant “Beyond Kuhnian paradigms” 2008-2009 (dr. Dana Jalobeanu, prof. Ilie Parvu, drd. Mihnea Dobre).


26th of March New Europe College

9.30 – 11.00 Daniel Garber (Princeton University) “If it wasn’t a Scientific Revolution, what was it?”

11.00-11.15 coffee break

11.15- 12. 45 Peter Harrison (University of Oxford) “The Scientific Revolution and the History of Religion”

12.45-13.45 Sorana Corneanu (University of Bucharest) Boyle on the study of \’God\’s works\’: what kind of discipline?

13.45-14.30 lunch

14.30 -16.00 Vlad Alexandrescu (University of Bucharest) Nouveaux faits matériels et pistes de recherche dans les études cantemiriennes

16.00-16.15 coffee break

16.15 -17.15 Dana Jalobeanu (Western University “Vasile Goldis”, Arad & University of Bucharest) Baconian reformation

17.15-18.15 Doina Cristina Rusu (University of Bucharest), “The Therapeutical Sense of Experiment in Bacon”

18.15-19.15 Lucian Petrescu (University of Bucharest) “Generation, Birth and Incarnation in Descartes”

27th of March Department of Philosophy, University of Bucharest

9.30-11.00 Ilie Parvu (University of Bucharest), “Newton’s Regulae Philosophandi and the non-Aristotelian model of science”

11.00-11.15 coffee break

11.15-12.45 Eric Schliesser (University of Leyden) “Newton’s Challenge to Philosophy”

12.45-13.45 Sorin Costreie (University of Bucharest & University of Western Ontario) \”Horror vacui. Leibniz vs. Newton\”

13.45-14.30 lunch break

14.30-16.00 Stephen Gaukroger (University of Sydney, University of Aberdeen) “Newton and Leibniz on the limits of geometrical representation”

16.00-16.15 coffee break

16.15-17.15 Grigore Vida (University of Bucharest) \”Mechanical Philosophy and the Science of Mechanics in Descartes\”.

17.15-18.15 Mihnea Dobre (University of Bucharest & University of Nijmegen) \”Cartesian Revolution: Descartes and early Cartesians on the foundations of physics\”

18.15-19.15 Madalina Giurgea (University of Bucharest) Descartes on the body-mind problem

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