The CDC courses have as their main aim to encourage and facilitate the acess to primary sources. All courses will discuss literature that is less discussed or less available or even completely unknown in Romania.

Even when we will discuss the well known philosophical treatises, we will place them in the intellectual context of early modern debates. Moreover, we encourage the students to look at the 17th and 18th century books in paralel with more modern editions. This page was designed to facilitate your access to less common bibliographical sources and a number of useful research tools. It will be regularly updated and the posted materials will be removed and changed, so download what you need as soon as you can.

Not all the materials provided here are for your own specific course. However, we have decided to put all the course materials on one page in order to give you an idea about the whole domain. You can also see what other students are doing. And we can change the page according to specific needs or proposals, so feel free to ask, react and comment on it.
This is an informative list of bibliographical sources and materials, as well as internet sites that might be of some help. It is designed to supplement the bibliography you will receive at course. Students are kindly encouraged to ask for the materials they need. Most of the materials indicated in the bibliographies can be found at the library of FME centre, or at New Europe College library.


Dictionary of the history of ideas
Gallica: bibliotheque nationale de la France
The Electronic Enlightenment
Schoenberg centre for electronic texts and images
The Archimede project
Electronic texts in philosophy (getting better and better every week)
Renascence Editions
Seventeenth century
Catalogue of the scientific community in 16th and 17th centuries
CERES – Cambridge English Renaissance Electronic Service
Early Modern Resources


prof. Robert A. Hatch course on history of science and many interesting materials here
prof. Michael Mahoney course on the origins of modern science (Princeton)
A course on history and philosophy of science at Kyoto University, centered upon Leibniz-Clarke correspondence here


History of philosophy
Francis Bacon: an interesting page with informations, primary texts and secondary literature (not always 100% creditable)
Some of Bacon\’s major texts here.
See the bibliography on Bacon on the page Individual Courses.

Descartes: texts in english and the Meditations in original and translation.

Leibniz: an interesting page with some primary texts here, Leibniziana (including CFP, who is who and interesting secondary references)

Isaac Newton:
Newton Project – a large and very successful project of digitizing Newton\’s manuscripts from Cambridge University Library. Its focus is upon theological manuscripts, but contains a large section of scientific manuscripts, books about Newton\’s philosophy written by his contemporaries. The volume of the digitized materials is growing every week.
Newton\’s Alchemy – a very interesting site with primary and secondary materials, including course materials and chemical experiences

Robert Boyle
Robert Boyle – a very good page containing primary and secondary materials, bibliography, CFP and what\’s new in Boyle\’s studies

History of Science

History of Science Society
History of Science – Internet resources
Internet History of Science Sourcebook

Cosmology, the new and the old world picture:
An interesting site with plenty of images here

Theology and history of religion

English Literature and Religion

A good starting point, comprehensive informations, some primary sources as well.

Fire and Ice: Puritan and Reformed Writings

An extremely good resources of primary texts on all aspects of Protestantism and the English.

King James\’ Bible

You might need to have a look in order to understand better quotations or debate within 17th century philosophy.

History of Political Thought

Most of the primary sources you need at the Online library of liberty
An interesting bibliography, primary and secondary sources of utopian thought here

A very large library of utopian thought on Gallica, Dosier Utopie.


See the bibliography indicated for each of the four courses. This section will list some of the materials that can be found online or the more rare materials students can only find in our electronic library. As a general rule, if you need some book or another, don\’t hesitate to ask!

Some course materials to download (check this section because it will change from one week to another)

VOLTAIRE, Lettres philosophiques, XII, XIV, XV, XVI

DIDEROT, De l\’interpretation de la nature, 1754 (Oeuvres, T.2)

Exquisse d’un tableau historique des progres de l’esprit humain, 1795

See here, or here, or on Gallica.

Joseph GLANVILL, Plus Ultra, London, 1661


Francis BACON, The Advancement of Learning, traducerea cărţii I (draft, traducere şi note de Dana Jalobeanu)


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